Our People

Brent Fleischman


Years in automotive industry: 13
Likes: Hunting, bicycling, family
Key to success: Having the right people around me
Favorite car: 1968 Camaro SS
Began with Yocum: 7/06

Kacie Presnall


Years in automotive industry: 9
Likes: Photography, fishing, hunting
Key to success: Treat people the way you want your Grandmother treated
Favorite car: 1972 Corvette
Began with Yocum: 8/08

Lance Lewis

Years in automotive industry: 3
Likes: Building ridiculous things
Key to success: Hard Work
Favorite car: Mustang
Began with Yocum: 2/15

Allen Luttjohann


Years in automotive industry: 27
Likes: stock car racing and fishing
Key to success: Do the job right the first time!
Favorite car: 1955 Chevy
Began with Yocum: 9/14