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The last thing you want to do is drive to work sweating like crazy because the air conditioning in your car decides to take a hike. You can minimize the risk of this happening by having the system checked by a certified air conditioning tech every spring and having the heating system checked every fall. The certified technicians at Yocum Automotive provide auto air conditioning repair and maintenance so you don’t have to use the old-fashioned air conditioning – open windows.

Auto Air Conditioning Components

An important component of Auto Air Conditioning Repair is the refrigerant which goes into the compressor as a low-pressure gas, comes out as a high-pressure gas, goes through the condenser, which turns it into a high-pressure liquid, into the drier, then the expansion valve or orifice tube, then through the evaporator, where it turns into a low-pressure gas as it pulls heat from the vehicle’s cabin.

The air conditioning system in your vehicle contains several parts, all of which can go bad, including:


The compressor changes the refrigerant from a low-pressure gas to a high-pressure gas with a much higher temperature.

Compressor Clutch

The clutch is on the front of the compressor. The compressor pulley turns constantly since it is run by the serpentine belt. However, the air compressor does not need to run constantly. The clutch releases to turn the air compressor off and engages when it’s time to pump more refrigerant through the system.


This component looks like a small radiator and usually sits in front of the vehicle’s radiator. It helps cool the refrigerant and turn it into a liquid.

Electric Fan

The fan rides in front of the condenser. It helps cool the refrigerant as it passes through the condenser.

High and Low-Pressure Lines

These carry the refrigerant through the system as outlined above.


Removes any moisture from the refrigerant.

Expansion Block / Orifice Tube

As the refrigerant goes through either of the parts, the expansion block or orifice tube reduces the pressure.


When the refrigerant goes through the evaporator, it absorbs the heat in the cabin. The air blows across the evaporator is cool and dry.

Blower Motor

Blows the air through the air vents.

Blower Motor Resistor

Changes the speed of the air blowing through the air vents.

Control Panel

Used to adjust temperature and speed.

Cabin Air Filter

Cleans debris from air entering the cabin.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Some of the common issues with auto air conditioning include:

Replacing filters, checking the air conditioning system each spring, and ensuring the system does not have refrigerant leaks all help reduce the risk of failure. Of course, in auto air conditioning repair and maintenance we can’t tell when a compressor is going to fail suddenly, or an expansion block or orifice tube might become clogged, but checking the system can minimize the risk of unexpected auto air conditioning repair. If we find issues, you can schedule your vehicle for repair before the system fully malfunctions.

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We realize that you lead a busy life, so we have made it easy for you to drop off your vehicle.

After Hours


We realize that you lead a busy life, so we have made it easy for you to drop off your vehicle.

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