Suspension Repair and Service

Reliable Suspension Repair and Service by Yocum Automotive in Republic, MO

A vehicle’s suspension is what gives you a smooth ride. Every bump the tire hits – unless it’s too big – is dampened by various suspension components. However, a comfy ride is not the suspension’s only job. It also helps keep you safe on the road. If the suspension on your vehicle is worn or broken, Yocum Automotive has certified technicians for suspension repair and service.

Suspension Repair and Service

Steering and Suspension

The steering and suspension are often mentioned together because they work together. Steering components include tie rods, gearboxes, rack-and-pinions, a power steering pump, and, of course, the steering wheel. While the steering turns the tires, the suspension keeps the tires on the ground and attaches the vehicle’s body to the chassis. It also supports the vehicle’s weight. The suspension system includes struts, shocks, springs, control arms and sway bars.

The steering and suspension system provides:

Vehicle Safety

 If the steering and suspension are not functioning properly, the vehicle is not safe to drive. Responsive steering allows you to avoid obstacles and make quick lane changes, while the suspension ensures that all four tires remain on the ground and minimizes the risk of a rollover.

A Comfortable Ride

The suspension also ensures you have a comfortable ride. It minimizes the impact of bumps, potholes, and other imperfections in the road, making your drive last tiresome. The shocks and struts absorb the bumping that travels from the road through the wheels before it can reach the vehicle’s body.

Tire Longevity

If the tires are not properly aligned, they wear unevenly. Certain parts of the suspension cause misalignment and different types of tire wear, including wearing one side of the tread and scalloping.

Handling and Performance

Parts of the suspension, such as the sway bars and springs, help with the vehicle’s handling and performance. They also help distribute the weight of the vehicle and anything and anyone inside it evenly. The sway bars keep the vehicle from “tipping” too much when you take corners, but it won’t stop a rollover if you are going to fast for the turn.

Common Signs of Suspension and Steering Issues

The steering and suspension will give you “hints” when you need suspension repair and service or auto repair. Worn shocks and struts cause a bumpy ride. They also cause less stability and longer stopping distances.

If the steering wheel doesn’t line up – it’s off-center or pulls to one side – you could have a steering or suspension issue. When testing this theory, make sure you are on a flat road. Roads with larger crowns could make it seem as though your alignment is out since the vehicle will pull to some extent when riding on a crowned road. The certified technicians at Yocum Automotive can diagnose the problem and repair it so your vehicle is safe again.

If you hear noises, including clunking and squeaking when driving over a rough road or hitting a bump or pothole, you most likely have issues with the suspension. Uneven tire wear is another sign that something is wrong with the suspension.

Finally, if you have to fight the steering wheel, you could have a steering or suspension problem.

Suspension Repair and Service

If you suspect anything wrong with the suspension or steering, Yocum Automotive can diagnose and repair the issue. Yocum Automotive does digital vehicle inspections when you come in for auto repair or preventative maintenance. If something is visibly wrong with the suspension, we’ll warn you so you can fix it that day or bring your vehicle in at a more convenient-to-you time.

Regular inspections and alignment checks keep you ahead of the game in most cases. The shocks, struts and some bushings are usually the first things to malfunction. However, neglecting to check the power steering fluid will also cause major problems.

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We realize that you lead a busy life, so we have made it easy for you to drop off your vehicle.

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We realize that you lead a busy life, so we have made it easy for you to drop off your vehicle.

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