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Reliable Transmission Repair and Service by Yocum Automotive in Republic, MO

A vehicle cannot function without a transmission. The engine produces power and torque, which has to get to the wheels – that is the job of the transmission. It manages the power and torque produced by the engine and sends it to the drive wheels via a driveshaft, gears to rear differential with gears and axles in rear-wheel drive vehicles. In front-wheel drive vehicles, the power is transferred to the wheels by CV axles.

Every moving component in the drivetrain can wear out or break. Transmissions require service and, occasionally, repair. Yocum Automotive has experienced transmission technicians who can provide transmission repair and service to keep you on the road or get you back on the road again.

Common Transmission Issues

Your vehicle has one of two types of transmissions: manual or automatic. Most newer vehicles have automatic transmissions. If you have a manual transmission, you have to clutch and shift, while automatic transmissions do it all for you. Regardless of the type of transmission you have, it generally has at least three gears, neutral and reverse. All have many moving parts that can wear out and break, including clutches and gears.

Common problems you may have with your vehicle’s transmission include:

Slipping Gears

If the transmission slips, your vehicle can lose power and suffer lower fuel economy. One of the common causes of slippage is low transmission fluid. Worn clutch plates and damaged bands can also cause slippage.

Strange Noises

Whining, clunking, and grinding noises can come from damaged gears, worn bearings and low transmission fluid levels.

Delayed/Rough Shifting

Valve body or torque converter malfunctions are usually signified by delayed or rough shifting.

Fluid Leaks

The transmission fluid lubricates and helps cool the transmission. If you have a transmission fluid leak, the transmission may slip and can overheat.

Warning Lights

Most vehicles have onboard diagnostics that can detect issues with the transmission. The diagnostics system may illuminate the transmission light or check engine light, depending on the issue. The experienced transmission technicians at Yocum Automotive can diagnose and repair these issues.

Servicing the Transmission on a Regular Basis

Flushing the transmission fluid and changing the filter is just as important as changing the oil in the engine. Regular transmission maintenance significantly lowers the risk of transmission issues. Benefits of maintaining your vehicle’s transmission include:

As you use the transmission, it creates tiny metal shavings from the metal parts rubbing against each other. The clutches also lose material every time you shift gears as they rub against each other.

When you check the transmission fluid, it should be bright pink. If not, it is full of clutch material and metal shavings, which could damage the transmission. You can also burn the transmission fluid, which will cause it to smell badly. Dirty or burned transmission fluid cannot properly lubricate and cool the transmission and causes it to wear out much quicker.

When you bring your vehicle to Yocum Automotive for a transmission service, we use a machine to flush the fluid, ensuring we get all the old fluid out of the torque converter. We install a new filter under the valve body, clean the transmission pan and magnet, and install a new pan gasket.

If necessary, we can adjust the clutches, bands and linkage and run computer diagnostics on the transmission. Finally, we test drive the vehicle to ensure everything is working properly.

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We realize that you lead a busy life, so we have made it easy for you to drop off your vehicle.

After Hours


We realize that you lead a busy life, so we have made it easy for you to drop off your vehicle.

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